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  • Electric Facial Cleanser

    Electric Facial Cleanser   TB-1582


    Cleansing your face is one of the most important steps during summer. When you go to the beach the sand dust clogs your pores and the sweat makes your skin oily, cleansing with a facial brush is key for a perfect skin.

  • Electric Shaver

    Electric Shaver   TB-1653


    Who doesn’t want to have smooth and silky legs during summer where bikinis and skirts are the most important outfits? The Electric Shaver will effectively remove all unwanted hair from different body areas without any pain.


  • Pedicure Device

    Pedicure Device  TB-1536


    Feet suffer a great deal during summer, walking bare foot on the beach is common, and skin becomes rough. Using a pedicure device regularly will keep your feet beautiful and smooth.

  • Portable Facial Mist

    Portable Facial Mist  TB-1185


    Moisturize and refresh your skin without layering several skin care creams is key for a radiant skin during summer. Use the Portable Facial Mist to moisturize or refresh your skin throughout the day. Simple to use and portable, perfect to fit in your purse!


  • 360 Heated Eyelash Curler

    360º Heated Eyelash Curler   TB-1218


    Your summer is not completed without a few nights out! You can have the most beautiful and mysterious eyes by using the 360º Heated

    Eyelash Curler to complete your makeup routine. Indispensable in any makeup bag.


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