• TB1666

    Cream Booster

    Moisturizer booster

    for perfect complexion

  • TB1583

    Sonic Eye Device

    Revitalizes and refreshes

    the under-eye area

  • TB1582

    Electric Facial Cleanser

    Perfectly cleanses skin

    for a beautiful complexion

  • TB1536

    Electric Pedicure Device

    Provides smooth and soft


  • TB1389

    Hot/Cool Skin Device

    Advanced rejuvenation technology for a

    youthful appearance

  • TB07599

    2 In 1 Electric Cleanser

    Facial and body cleansing


  • TB1613A

    Contour Sculpting Roller

    Face and body sculpting


  • TB1651

    Electric Nose Hair Trimmer

    Premium trimmer for safe

    and efficient trimming



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