TOUCHBeauty Products Designed by Chiaki Murata

: 2016/10/15

Being in the beauty industry for over a decade, TOUCHBeauty knew that the quality of the devices was undeniably good. But, we wanted more. We wanted to have the best quality allied with a perfect and elegant design. That was when TOUCHbeauty met Chiaki Murata.  

Having the privilege to meet and work with this famous Japanese designer is not for all. So we knew this was the perfect opportunity to take TOUCHBeauty devices to the next level. For those who do not know this designer, he is the head behind the Japanese company Metaphys. He also won several international awards for its outstanding work. 

Chiaki Murata designed for TOUCHBeauty the new Electric Facial Cleanser, the Hot/Cool Skin Device, the Microcurrent Facial Roller and the Electric Trimmer, making them elegant, sophisticated and chic. The new design gave another dimension to these devices putting them in the spotlight. 

TOUCHBeauty couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome of this partnership. As the Leader of Beauty& Personal care device TOUCHBeauty is always pursuing the best.