: 2017/11/6

TOUCHBeauty was awarded by Good Design Award. The company known as the Expert in Beauty & Personal Care Devices did not disappoint. They entered the competition with a device which makes heads turn, the Ultrasonic Scrub Device.

The Good Design Award is a “sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan since 1957. Many companies and designers from both inside and outside Japan participate in the activity to enhance the industry or the quality of life through the design”.

Good Design Award

According to Good Design Award, “a design refers to the plan for achieving that objective. Color, shape, technology, and function each are means of realizing this objective. It is because people always play a central role in design that it has the power to bring progress to society. We consider good designs to be things that truly enrich people's lives or have the potential to do so.” With these words we know that a good design is not only a beautiful shell, is its integration with functions that will actually improve people’s lives.

But, what makes the Ultrasonic Scrub Device so special? According to TOUCHBeauty official statement, this skin care beauty device main function is using ultrasonic technology to remove dry skin, blackheads and acne from the skin surface. When combined with facial skin care products, the high-speed vibration of ultrasonic waves allows skin care products to penetrate the skin. Its basic design optimizes the integration of organic streamlines. As the entire surface of this device has a polished finish, it does not look like a device, but rather like a fluid sculpture. To make cleaning easier, this device is touch-operated. Considering this device is mostly used by women, it is not heavy and is comfortable to hold. The device high-tech feeling, simplicity and beautiful lines are the main reasons for winning.

Good Design Award

It is no secret that since the beginning TOUCHBeauty always made innovation, high-quality, modern design and effective products the most important aspects of a product creation, so everyone is very proud of this award. This award is an encouragement for the future, to keep up innovating and achieving outstanding results.